What's New in MicroStrategy 11.0

For a smooth upgrade, be sure to review the important version-specific information regarding changes in the release that could impact functionality and performance.

MicroStrategy Library

MicroStrategy Library is an interactive application of the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence platform that lets business users harness the analytical power of MicroStrategy in a simple, clean and modern user interface. For more information, see MicroStrategy Library Online Help.

  • Hierarchy Reporting: New Hierarchy Reporting functionality.
  • Dossier Bookmarks: A bookmark stores a series of manipulations (such as switching pages, filtering, or sorting) on top of a dossier.
  • Recommendations: MicroStrategy Library provides recommendations for related report services documents, in addition to dossiers.

MicroStrategy Workstation

MicroStrategy Workstation is a unified product that radically simplifies enterprise analytics by bringing all key workflows into a single user experience. Workstation allows enterprise BI developers and administrators to build and administer sophisticated enterprise and mobile analytics applications at a fraction of the effort it traditionally takes. See Workstation Online Help for more information.

MicroStrategy Desktop

MicroStrategy Desktop provides an enhanced data discovery experience that allows users to explore data with built-in templates, making it easy to quickly build compelling analytical books of visualizations called dossiers.

MicroStrategy Web

Analysts should review the Expected Behavioral Changes.

MicroStrategy Platform

  • There are several new default settings for the MicroStrategy platform that help improve system performance.
  • The MicroStrategy platform is certified on Microsoft Windows 10 (April 2018 Upgrade)

Installation and Upgrade

  • Customizing Collaboration Server Notification: You can now customize Collaboration Server notifications.
  • Collaboration Server Command Line Administration Tool: MicroStrategy Collaboration Server ships with its own command line administration tool.

  • Manually Deploy Library: Instructions are now available for manual deployment on both Windows and Linux Servers.

  • Manually Configure Collaboration Server: Instructions are now available for manual configuration on both Windows and Linux Servers.
  • Control User and Group Caches: You can now set the time between resets of the user and group information caches for Collaboration Server.
  • Topology: Instructions are available for installing and configuring the new Topology functionality in Workstation, that allows users to view environment topology and monitor services.
  • All Community Data Connectors (available at the time of release) in the Community Connectors Gallery can now be selected as an option during installation.
  • You can now perform data and SQL validations for Report Services Documents and dossiers with Integrity Manager.

MicroStrategy Intelligence Server

  • By default Intelligence Server will now send logs to local disk instead of Messaging Services. Click here for steps required to enable sending logs to Messaging Services.
  • The privilege lists were updated to include the following: Use Library Web, Use API, Use Workstation, and Use Reporter. See the updated list for Workstation.
  • The Use Mobile privilege now applies to users of MicroStrategy Library.
  • Automatic Memory Tuning: Maximize memory allocation performance.
  • Dynamic Buffer Sizing: New dynamic growth algorithm for buffer size to improve performance.
  • Configure REST port number, SSL, and enable logging capabilities for the REST API Server.
  • The Export Engine now contains a second rendering option to support the export of geospatial maps and graph matrix visualizations to PDF.
  • To provide more consistent behavior between Live Connect and In-Memory datasets the VLDB Setting for controlling the trimming of leading and trailing spaces for attribute elements is in the process of being retired. You may notice some data inconsistencies in executed dossiers and documents if you have used this feature in previous releases. Some of these inconsistencies may be observed between Web and Android Library application vs iOS mobile Library application. The retirement of this setting will be completed for the next platform release.

  • Schedule Bookmark Caches: Administrators can schedule bookmark caches to ensure that the latest data is stored in a server-side cache delivering a high performance or reduced loading time to end users.
  • Library Cache Update Subscriptions: Administrators can create cache update subscriptions for dossiers providing improved performance while maintaining the personal views and bookmarks of each subscriber.
  • Prioritized Caches: To improve Intelligence Server memory management caches will now be prioritized by type. You can track cache type utilization with the Diagnostics and Performance Logging Tool.
  • Session Management: Enhanced session management provides users seamless access to all projects and objects within an asymmetric Intelligence Server cluster.

Platform Analytics

MicroStrategy 11 introduces Platform Analytics - a next-generation monitoring tool that captures telemetry from your MicroStrategy environments in real-time, and uses this data to enable a smarter administration and to provide a better experience to your MicroStrategy users.

Command Manager

MicroStrategy on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Platform Analytics is installed and configured automatically when a new environment is deployed on MicroStrategy on AWS.

Data Sources

  • The native API connector for Google Big Query now supports standard SQL.
  • The open source ODBC driver for PostgreSQL is now included in your MicroStrategy installation.

Support for Additional Data Sources

MicroStrategy 11.0 now ships JDBC Connectors for the following data sources:

  • Amazon Redshift now includes Data Warehouse support for Amazon Redshift Spectrum.
  • Amazon Aurora (PostgreSQL)
  • Amazon S3
  • Autotask CRM
  • Base CRM
  • BigCommerce
  • Box
  • Bullhorn
  • Close.io
  • ConnectWise
  • Constant Contact
  • Denodo v7
  • Desk.com
  • Freshbooks Cloud Accounting
  • Gbase 8a
  • Magento v2.0
  • Microsoft Azure Analysis Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2017

  • MySQL 8.0
  • Netsuite ERP 2016
  • Oracle 12c R2 Cloud
  • Oracle 18c R2
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Oracle Service Cloud
  • Oracle Taleo Business Edition
  • Pipedrive
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Sage Intacct
  • Salesforce Pardot
  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer CRM
  • Simba JDBC Driver Impala
  • Simba JDBC Driver for Apache Drill
  • Simba JDBC and ODBC Driver for Apache SparkSQL
  • Simba JDBC Driver for Google BigQuery
  • Simba JDBC Driver for Apache Hive
  • SmartRecruiters
  • SugarCRM
  • Teradata 16.2
  • WooCommerce
  • Zendesk
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zuora

Starting with MicroStrategy 11.0, the following ODBC drivers will be deprecated:

  • MicroStrategy ODBC Driver for Apache Hive Wire Protocol for Windows and Linux
  • MicroStrategy ODBC Driver for Impala Wire Protocol for Windows and Linux
  • MicroStrategy ODBC Driver for Informix Wire Protocol for Windows and Linux
  • MicroStrategy ODBC Driver for Pivotal Greenplum Wire Protocol for Windows and Linux
  • MicroStrategy ODBC Driver for PostgreSQL Wire Protocol for Windows and Linux

    However, if upgrading from a previous installation of MicroStrategy, the drivers will not be removed and existing connections using these drivers will continue to function.

In a future release these drivers will no longer be shipped with MicroStrategy. Please use the following drivers instead:

  • MicroStrategy Hive ODBC Driver for Windows and Linux
  • MicroStrategy Impala ODBC Driver for Windows and Linux
  • IBM Informix ODBC Driver
  • DataDirect 7.1 Greenplum Wire Protocol ODBC Driver
  • PostgreSQL Unicode(x64) ODBC Driver

For the complete list of certified data sources, see Certified and Supported Configurations.

MicroStrategy Mobile

The MicroStrategy Mobile App now supports the iPhone X Super Retina Display screen size in portrait mode.

MicroStrategy SDK

For a summary of changes to the MicroStrategy SDK from a previous version to the next, see MicroStrategy SDK What's New.

Usher Security

Usher Professional

  • Active Directory suggestions help Usher Pro users effectively and quickly find the users they want, group them appropriately, and message or communicate with the users.

System Requirements

  • Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 are no longer supported.
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