Importing Data from Facebook

You can import data from Facebook into MicroStrategy Desktop to gather valuable business information, such as monitoring brand awareness or assessing the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. You can import page likes, posts, and the likes and comments made on posts.

You must configure the OAuth parameters. You need the Client ID and Client Secret that Facebook provides when MicroStrategy Desktop is configured as a remote access application.

To import data from Facebook

  1. Open a new or existing dossier.
  2. To import data into a new dataset, click Add Data and choose New Data.
  3. or

    To add data to a dataset, click the drop-down arrow next to the dataset name in the Datasets panel and choose Edit Dataset. The Preview Dialog opens. Click Add a New Table.

    The Data Sources dialog opens.

  4. Click Facebook. At the prompts, sign into your Facebook account and allow MicroStrategy to access your status updates. The Import Data from Facebook dialog opens.
  5. In the Search for Pages field, type the text to search for and click Search. A list of pages matching your search term appears. Each page name, category, and number of likes appears, with a link to the corresponding Facebook profile.
  6. You can filter the search by selecting a time frame for user posts. Hover over one of the profile matches to display a Filter post data by date link. Click the link to open the Advanced Options dialog.
  7. Select a time frame from the Optional Time Parameters drop-down list. You can choose Last N Minutes, Last N Hours, Last N Days, Last N Weeks, or Last N Months. Type a numeric value in the N field.
  8. Select custom dates by choosing Custom from the Optional Time Parameters drop-down list. Enter the Start Date in MM/DD/YYYY format, or select it from the calendar. Enter the End Date in MM/DD/YYYY format or select it from the calendar. You can use both dates, or only one.
  9. Click OK.
  10. If necessary, select a page from the results to view it in Facebook.
  11. Select the page to import.
  12. If you want to preview and modify your data before importing, click Prepare Data.
  13. Click Finish. The data is imported into a new dataset or updated in an existing dataset.

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