Enabling P2P communication

Inter-block communication requires at least two MicroStrategy blocks. Master MicroStrategy blocks can both send and receive messages, while basic MicroStrategy blocks can only receive messages. For these two kinds of MicroStrategy blocks to be able to communicate with each other, you must first enable block-to-block (P2P) communication in MicroStrategy Web.


To do this, you install a plug-in and make a few configuration settings for MicroStrategy master blocks. After these things are done, you are ready to send messages from one MicroStrategy block to another. 


The steps for setting up and using block-to-block communication between MicroStrategy blocks in a Drupal environment are explained in the following two sections.


Note: Once you have performed these steps, you can add MicroStrategy blocks to any Drupal page and have them communicate with each other. However, if you want a Drupal page that looks and acts just like a portal page, the recommended practice is to install the Homebox module for Drupal and add your MicroStrategy blocks to a Homebox page. This requires that you have added the Homebox module to your Drupal content management system.

Enabling block-to-block communication

  1. Install the portlet-to-portlet plug-in

    The portlet-to-portlet plug-in is packaged as one of two ZIP files under
    Portlets/plugins in the MicroStrategy installation folder.




Extract the contents to the plugins folder in the root MicroStrategy Web installation folder.


  1. Make a few configuration settings for MicroStrategy master blocks

    After you enable block-to-block communication, you must make a few configuration settings that are specific to MicroStrategy master blocks. These settings are required for block-to-block communication to work.



You select the default kind of MicroStrategy master block that should be displayed when you configure or personalize the configuration settings for the MicroStrategy master block.



Note: If you are using a browser that does not support cross-domain P2P communication (such as Internet Explorer 6 or 7), you must perform a few additional actions to enable portlet-to-portlet communication. Please refer to Enabling P2P Communication for an explanation of how to perform the necessary steps.

Using block-to-block communication

You can send a link from a master MicroStrategy block instance to itself, to another master MicroStrategy block instance, or to a basic MicroStrategy block instance in the same page. To set up this block-to-block communication, you need to have configured the following default settings or preferences for the master MicroStrategy block that will initiate communication.


Note: The value specified in the Preferences menu overwrites the one specified in the Settings menu.


When you open a page on your Drupal site that includes a master MicroStrategy block, the default page set for the master MicroStrategy block in the configuration settings or preferences is displayed. If you are an administrator or a user with edit permission, you can select a different kind of master MicroStrategy block if you want. To select a different kind of master MicroStrategy block, click the Preferences menu and choose to modify the settings for the block.


There are two ways to initiate communication between a master MicroStrategy block and another MicroStrategy block.


Note: The Send To option is not always visible. To make it visible, you must select the Show Send To Menu check box when you configure or personalize the configuration settings for the master MicroStrategy block.


To send a message from the master MicroStrategy block to one or more target blocks, do one of the following depending on whether the Send To option is visible:



Note: Because master MicroStrategy blocks can both send and receive messages, a master block can send a message to itself. However, if you attempt to execute a report or document from a Folder Browsing page, History List, or Search page displayed in a master block, the report or document will not be executed if the master block is its own target. Only folder results will be displayed when a master block targets itself.


After you have sent a link from a master MicroStrategy block to another block, a new button—called Load Last Session Settings—is added to the Preferences page of the target block instance. If you click the button, the settings are changed to show the linked content that was sent to the target block.


P2P communication from each type of portlet is described below.